Sustainable Purchasing Policy

Making the right decisions

“Sustainable Purchasing Policy for Office Equipment, Appliances, Furniture, Paper Products, and Cleaning Supplies for BC Moving and Storage Ltd.

At BC Moving and Storage Ltd, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices in all aspects of our business. As part of this commitment, we have implemented a Sustainable Purchasing Policy for office equipment, appliances, furniture, paper products, and cleaning supplies. The policy states that when purchasing items in the above categories, preference will be given to products that meet or exceed the following criteria: 

  • Energy efficiency (for appliances and office equipment) 
  • Recycled content (for paper products and cleaning supplies)
  • Sustainable materials (for furniture and office equipment) 
  • Eco-friendly certifications (such as Energy Star, FSC, Green Seal) 
  • Long-lasting and durable products 

In addition to the above criteria, other factors that will be considered when purchasing office equipment, appliances, furniture, paper products, and cleaning supplies include: 

  • Total cost of ownership 
  • Product performance and reliability 
  • Vendor reputation and sustainability practices 

All purchase decisions will be made by the management team in consultation with relevant departments, such as procurement and facilities. The management team will also consider any government incentives or regulations related to sustainable purchasing. By implementing this Sustainable Purchasing Policy, we aim to reduce our environmental impact, promote sustainable practices, and create a more sustainable and efficient workplace. We believe that by working together, we can make a positive impact on the environment and create a sustainable future for all.